This page lists the most common trucks for which we provide training at our locations in Eindhoven and Waalwijk or at your location as an in-company training. Is the means of transport for which you wish to obtain a certificate not listed? Such as a clamp truck, 4-way reach truck or side loader? Please contact us and we will look at the possibilities with you.

EPT (Electric Pallet Truck) forklift truck

This type of trolley is made for transporting pallets in the warehouse only on level 0, mostly used for loading and unloading and for transporting pallets to and from the racking. Standard EPT trolleys can also be used to prepare pallets for reach trucks in narrow racks. EPT-trucks do not lift the forks higher than 30 cm. These trolleys are available in three types of driver installation, in a version without platform and supports, with a foldable platform and foldable supports, and with a fixed operator’s body, some even with an operator’s seat.

LLOP (Low Level Order Picker) trolley

This type of forklift truck has very long forks behind the driver. These trolleys are usually used to transport several baskets to which orders are picked manually, and only from level 0. They are often equipped with a remote control that is placed in a special glove. These forklifts, like the EPT, do not lift the forks higher than 30 cm. As the trolley is very long, special care must be taken not to hit anything when manoeuvring.

Stacker (in Dutch stapelaar)

Although this trolley is very similar to the EPT trolley, the Stacker has a mast that allows you to pick up pallets from a level above 0. With its standard dimensions, you can also pick up pallets in narrow aisles adapted for reach trucks. And just like the EPT-trolleys it is available in three types of operator platform.

Fork lift truck (HEFTRUCK)

Trolleys of this type are most popular because of their versatility, they are used to transport standard pallets and non-standard materials, and their versatility is further enhanced with additional equipment that can be used instead of standard forks. When working with this type of forklift special attention should be paid to the basic scheme of working with it and the weight of material on the forks.

High storage truck (REACHTRUCK)

This type of forklift truck has arisen in connection with increasing the storage space in the warehouse, and thus reducing the space for moving a forklift truck. The Reachtruck is about 1 m shorter than the Forklift, which increases the number of racks in the warehouse. However, it is the heaviest type of learning truck for people who are inexperienced in logistics because of the work of steering in two positions, 180 and 360 degrees.

HLOP (High Level Order Picker) Drive IN + VNA

The purpose of the HLOP trolley is very similar to the LLOP trolley, but they are structurally quite different. HLOP is also meant for manual order picking, but it is not limited to level 0, the height at which HLOP can be operated is only limited by the height of the warehouse. These trolleys can be operated in three positions. Manual, the Drive IN system is based on guidance along the racking where the HLOP is guided on special rollers attached to the trolley, and the VNA type system which, based on magnetic sensors in the trolley and a magnetic line built into the warehouse floor in the middle of the aisle, guides the trolley automatically. The Drive IN and VNA systems allow for even more built-in racking in the warehouse, but no other type of forklift truck can operate in such narrow aisles.

Combitruck (High rise Combitruck) + VNA

This type of trolley has all the advantages and disadvantages of HLOP, it works in the same narrow aisles and the same in 3 modes, but its purpose is not to manually pick orders, but to pull out whole pallets and place them on shelves. As the only training centre in the Netherlands we have a Combitruck of this type available for training!

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