Our truck & VCA training courses + exams are continuing.

It will not have escaped your notice: The Netherlands has been in lockdown since 19/12/2021. We receive many questions from customers and candidates about the consequences for the training courses and exams.

Hollcert is of the opinion that the truck & VCA training + exams can and may continue safely, within the applicable rules of the Dutch government. This has to do with two exceptions under which we fall:
* Exams may continue;
* Locations for courses, training, theoretical and practical exams, which are necessary for practising a profession and/or company, may remain open.

Of course, we observe the 1.5-metre distance as far as possible, we ventilate sufficiently and face masks are compulsory.

The BHV training sessions will be cancelled until 9 January 2022.


Industrieweg 90c, 5145 PW Waalwijk
During office hours: +31 (0) 416 764 400
Outside office hours until 20.00: +31 (0) 623 509 022


Industrieweg 20, 5627 BS Eindhoven

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