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Origin of HollCert

Hollcert Opleiding & Training was started in the Netherlands in 2010. Hollcert is a learning company whose name is derived from the words Hollands Certificaat, or Dutch certificate. Initially, our company only trained Poles who started working in the logistics sector in the Netherlands. At present, all our courses are given daily in Dutch, Polish and English. Other languages such as Russian, German and Romanian are also available on request. Hollcert Education & Training is an international company, which means that we do not only provide training in Dutch, but that our staff is multilingual and international!


Besides In Company training, we provide courses at two of our own locations. These are in Waalwijk (largest training location in the Netherlands) and in Eindhoven. Besides theory rooms, our locations have training halls with sufficient space to practice slaloms, stacking, drive beam, pallet placement in the dock and racking.

The location in Waalwijk was established in 2016 in response to the increased demand for training in the logistics sector and is our largest and the leading location for training in the Netherlands. The location in Waalwijk is the replacement of the former location in Nederweert. The location in Waalwijk is the largest in the Netherlands and is centrally located between Breda, Utrecht, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg. Waalwijk is the only training centre in the Netherlands with a combination truck. This makes it possible to follow this course not only in company, but also at our location in Waalwijk.

The location in Eindhoven was created in 2020 as a result of the further development of the company to offer our students training of the highest quality. Our office is also located here.

Truck fleet

Since our company was founded, our fleet of trucks has grown to be the largest of its kind in the Netherlands. We have six EPT trucks, seven front trucks, seven reach trucks, two HLOP trucks, one LLOP truck and one COMBI truck, as well as basket lifts and many others. In total, more than 30 machines are available to our students! Because of our large fleet, we can ensure that everyone gets enough practice hours.


Our trainers are fluent in Dutch, Polish and English. Other languages such as German, Romanian and Russian are also possible on request. Hollcert is proud to be a multilingual and multicultural company.


At Hollcert, we understand that it is sometimes necessary to schedule candidates quickly and that logistics schedules sometimes change at the last minute. Therefore, candidates can be registered with us up to 1 day before the course starts, free of charge. Neither are costs charged for the postponement or cancellation of appointments.

Candidates from other countries such as Poland, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania often want to work from Monday to Friday as much as possible. To meet their needs, Hollcert provides education and training 7 days a week. Both in company and at our locations in Waalwijk and Eindhoven. The training courses at the weekend are standard in English and Polish. Other languages are possible on these days on request.

Working safely

In the past ten years, we have grown into a company specialised in training courses on working safely and correctly (with means of transport). Candidates succeed at Hollcert when our trainers are convinced that they can work safely and are also aware of their own safety, including good working posture.


Certification from HollCert

NIBHV certified BHV instructor

In the Netherlands there is no legal standard as such for the quality of BHV (Emergency Response Services) courses. Laws and regulations, such as the Working Conditions Act and the Buildings Decree, only provide frameworks for this. The NIBHV, as the knowledge institute for the quality of safety courses, has drawn up its own standard for the quality of BHV courses based on these frameworks: the NIBHV Quality Mark.

Hollcert is the only BHV training provider in the Netherlands with a NIBHV certified instructor who speaks Polish.  Hollcert provides BHV courses in Dutch and Polish. Other languages are available on request.

Do you choose for Hollcert? Then you are choosing an up-to-date safety course that meets the highest quality requirements.

CCV (Contact Committee Competence)

With a quality mark or certificate, we as a company demonstrate that our services meet a standard. Until 2019, it was compulsory for trainers to comply with a quality mark. This obligation has since expired. However, Hollcert still considers it important to meet standards and requirements that you as a client expect. Hollcert will therefore continue to meet these standards and requirements.

CBR – Code 95

Professional drivers of trucks and/or buses must obtain a basic qualification “Code 95”. After passing the exams and tests, the code 95 can be added to the driving licence. This code is valid for five years. The Code 95 can be extended every five years by following refresher courses. Hollcert is accredited for this by the CBR (Dutch Central Office for Driving Licences). This means that we register candidates with the CBR and the CBR regularly checks whether the training courses meet the requirements. During the check, a brief interview is also held with the candidate. Please note! The CBR allows Code95 to be given only in Dutch.

VCA Infra

VCA Infra is part of the eX:plain Foundation and, as VCA Infra and Exambank, responsible for the SSVV:

  • Realizing an optimal infrastructure within the VCA/SOG system
  • Ensuring the quality of the VCA/SOG examination centres
  • The management and content of the SCC and SOG exams
  • The distribution of exams (260,000 exams annually)

When you take a VCA course at Hollcert (VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors) followed by an exam, this means that this course fully meets the national requirements. VCA Infra regularly attends the courses and helps monitor the quality.

Success rate 99.9%

We prefer not to report on the success rate because we always offer an extra day until someone passes. Language barriers are removed by our trainers. As long as the candidate is motivated, he or she almost always succeeds.

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