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Forklift trucks, excavators, VCA, BHV and more!
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7 days a week courses in multiple languages.

Since 2010 Hollcert is specialised in training courses on safe and correct use of transport equipment like forklift, stacker, ept, reach truck, combi etc. and external transport equipment like aerial work platforms, excavators, VVL, telehandler and many others.

Our offer also includes all kinds of 1-day VCA courses incl. exams and BHV training.

Some advantages of following a course or training at Hollcert:

  • You can register candidates up to 1 day in advance for free.
  • You can cancel or postpone the course free of charge until the start of the course
  • Education and training are given 7 days a week. Both in-company and at our locations in Waalwijk and Eindhoven
  • By default, all our courses are conducted in Dutch, Polish and English. Other languages such as Russian and Romanian are available on request.
  • Our trainers ensure that only candidates who can work safely pass. That means candidates are also aware of their own safety, including a good attitude to work.
  • Hollcert has been offering education and training for internal and external transport equipment, VCA training + exams and BHV training for over 10 years.
  • Start guarantee. When you have received a confirmation from us, the education or training will always take place.
  • Cared for. During the course day, lunch, coffee/tea are always included. There is always free parking at our locations


Tailor-made for each participant!

100% guarantee

Largest training location in the Netherlands!

Besides in-company training, we have 2 training locations, one in Eindhoven and one in Waalwijk. The location in Waalwijk is the largest training location in the Netherlands and is centrally located between Breda, Utrecht, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg. Every course starts with a theoretical part in one of the 5 theory rooms. Depending on the course, the practical part starts in the 1000 m² training hall with a height of about 7m, which contributes significantly to the quality of our courses. In our training hall there is enough space to practice slaloms, stacking, drive beam, pallet placement in the dock and racking.

Hollcert is the only training centre in the Netherlands with a Combitruck. Therefore it is possible to follow this course in company or at our location in Waalwijk. The training location has a special, very narrow lane for these Combi courses.

The location in Eindhoven has less m2, therefore training at this location is more personal. We therefore advise people who need extra attention to choose our location in Eindhoven.

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Our approach

Get to know our possibilities



We advise on the right choice of training to obtain a certificate, both for individuals and companies.



In advance, we try to coordinate the content with you as well as possible. Our trainers think along with you and on the day of the course they assess whether a personal adjustment is needed.



The highest level of training quality, developed over 10 years of course implementation.



The certificates we issue are respected by all employers in the standard logistics, warehouse, metal and construction sectors. Candidates can therefore start working immediately after obtaining the certificate!

Training plan

Customisation for companies

We like it when our training courses fit in as well as possible with the situation of your location(s). It is therefore possible for our trainers to visit your location to get a good idea of what needs extra attention during the training at our location in Eindhoven or Waalwijk. In addition to the basic skills, trainees are also trained in situations that are specific to your location. This way, you know for sure that the candidate can work safely after obtaining the certificate.

Drawing up an annual plan for your employees is also one of the options. After personal contact, we will ask you for the following information in order to give a proper shape to this:

  • What positions are available in logistics
  • Expertise in training that is required for a particular position
  • Expertise of already executed training of employees
  • Skill verification and additional training plan for employees
  • Expertise of the goals and ambitions of the personnel

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